Anoush Catering has been in the business of making memories for nearly 30 years. Food can make or break an event. It is something that people remember, especially when it is delicious. That’s one reason that Anoush’s cuisine has been an integral part of many special occasions for almost three decades. 

Any day can be a day to celebrate, and with multiple events happening daily at 13 venues, a system to track customers became a necessity for Anoush Catering. MK Partners worked with Anoush to automate routine processes, track events, and connect with clients.


With all of their experience, not much was falling through the cracks for Anoush Catering. But as the business continued to grow, it was important to be absolutely sure that small details were not overlooked.  The time spent on frequently performed tasks was adding up and shifting the focus off of the clients. “We were focusing on mundane tasks,” says CEO Vrej Sarkissian.


In order to put the spotlight back on great customer service, routine tasks were automated, including event reminder e-mails and calendar population.  Instead of taking time to manually handle these tasks, they are done when established criteria are met within Salesforce. “We have time to take better care of our clients,” Sarkissian states. He adds that something small like a reminder e-mail “helps deliver on promises we made to the client.”

The client is also now seamlessly taken care of when they call Anoush Catering.  As soon as a call is received, the corresponding record appears in Salesforce, allowing sales reps to keep track of clients in real time.  Sarkissian says that this visibility “helps with confidence in the brand.”


Using Salesforce has allowed Anoush Catering to dedicate more time to what they do best; make the client happy. With a system in place to automate tasks and track current and potential clients, Anoush can be confident that no small detail is forgotten or overlooked.  

Working with MK Partners to implement Salesforce has enabled Anoush Catering to see a complete picture of their budget. They are now able to forecast for the future and allocate funds in an accurate way. Most importantly, Anoush Catering is able to spend more time focusing on their clients, and that extra time makes their clients happier.

To book Anoush Catering for your event, visit their website and contact MK Partners to find out what Salesforce can do for you.