EnclosureGuy.com has been designing and manufacturing custom outdoor sunshades and patio enclosures for over 30 years. With over three decades of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, it’s clear that EnclosureGuy.com knows how to create products to please their customers. However, their success was held back by a system of outdated spreadsheets and e-mails, which hindered their ability to track leads and orders. The company needed a system that would allow them to collect important information and keep it connected with the correct customer.

For years, e-mails were the main source of communication between EnclosureGuy.com and their customers. While this is often convenient, it becomes a burden when multiple e-mails containing project-related attachments are coming in from several potential customers at the same time. Pictures that corresponded with specific measurements might not be sent at the same time, which meant that organization became a time consuming guessing game.


EnclosureGuy.com reached out to MK Partners to make their business processes more efficient. The first step was organizing contacts and leads. A new contact form for EnclosureGuy.com’s website was created, which now automatically updates estimated measurements of the outdoor area in Salesforce, making external spreadsheets a thing of the past. An attachment option for pictures was also added to the contact sheet, which increased organization by keeping each customer’s information together in one location.

Having the necessary information in one place created a central hub for the EnclosureGuy.com team. This hub has allowed them to streamline their quoting process, quickly sending out estimates with accurate information since calculations are now automatically inputted and totaled within Salesforce.

Because of the nature of EnclosureGuy.com’s business, onsite inspections still need to be conducted to assure patio dimensions are correct. With measurements safely stored in Salesforce, focus was shifted to easing the travel process. A custom button was created that automatically provides directions from the business to the customer’s location with one click.

In order to maintain visibility with leads and current customers, a call center was set up using Salesforce for EnclosureGuy.com. Fast access to leads has allowed for better connections with customers and an overall improvement in customer service. Measurements and pictures are readily accessible, as are location and other contact information, all from within the system.


Since working with MK Partners to implement and deploy Salesforce, EnclosureGuy.com is able to stay organized and communicate better with potential and current customers. They no longer have to manage spreadsheets and other information across multiple platforms. All necessary records are in one central place increasing the speed and efficiency of their work process.


For more information on EnclosureGuy.com visit www.enclosureguy.com