“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”  While the author of this quote remains anonymous, the wise words live on, especially for Flow Wine Group. Flow Wine Group helps consumers avoid bad wine, and discover new wines that they love, with free tastings at multiple locations throughout the United States.


While Flow Wine Group was already using Salesforce to manage consultants and track data; some of their routine processes were not being performed within the application. Time that could have been dedicated to other areas was being spent on repetitive tasks.

On top of that, Flow Wine Group did not have a designated place to promote their tastings ahead of time, which meant that consumers were often unaware of potential events. Because of this, attendance was not as strong as it could have been.


To incorporate tasting information on the website, MK Partners designed a feature that marks the various tastings on a map of the US. When consumers click on a state, they can see information for the events scheduled in that area. This includes the date, time, location, and if available, a list and description of wines that will be sampled.

The website feature also includes an email sign up for more information. This email list has already grown to nearly 350 people who have all been automatically addeda into Salesforce as contacts.  Future plans for the list include coupons and details prior to specific events.

Flow Wine Group has also been able to improve their hiring processes by using an online form created by MK Partners to capture information from new consultants, which is uploaded into Salesforce. “We are always hiring new wine tasters in new markets and this form cut out a lot of hours, saving money and time,” Chad Davis with Flow Wine Group stated.  Flow Wine Group also uses their application for contracts and tax forms, and has plans to incorporate a user-friendly client portal.


Having event details on the website has been very beneficial to Flow Wine Group. “Getting that information out to consumers was the main difficulty. [Since adding it] we’ve definitely seen an increase in attendance,” says Davis. 

Attendance isn’t all that has increased for Flow Wine Group, “Putting that information on the website as advertising has increased revenue. Wine companies are more aware, there is a lot of word of mouth, and people have requested certain brands to be sampled in specific locations.”

The possibilities for Salesforce are virtually endless. Even though Flow Wine Group was already using the application, MK Partners was able to help streamline current processes and successfully implement new ones.  Because of this, Flow Wine Group has seen an increase in revenue, time, and event attendance and has plans to build out their application more in the near future.

 To find wine tastings near you, check out Flow Wine Group and contact MK Partners to find out what Salesforce can do for your business.