Ironcompany.com is a burgeoning ecommerce fitness equipment supplier, serving customers since 1997. Initially, a custom CRM system was built for the company. However, after 6 years of continued growth, this system became outdated and unable to facilitate their needs. Ironcompany.com decided to make the move to Salesforce and sought a partner to guide them in their implementation.

“We required a lot of customizing, and being new to Salesforce, we had no idea what direction to turn to for our programming needs,” said President JP Brice.

MK partners helped Ironcompany.com customize their system in order to meet their needs and increase efficiency. Improved quoting and purchase order processes paired with multiple API integrations have helped ease the work of sales reps at Ironcompany.com and enhanced the overall customer experience.


While continued success is exciting for any business, for Ironcompany.com it meant finding a new CRM system that would be compatible with their current processes and still allow room for growth.

With Ironcompany.com’s current system, “the reporting capability was very anemic and almost nonexistent. Payroll was a difficult and inaccurate process. We had no API capability which meant our shopping cart and Amazon sales were totally separate entities,” said Brice. Because of this, processing orders was difficult and time consuming.  


To solve the issues of absent reporting, MK Partners integrated Ironcompany.com’s Salesforce application with their shopping cart, Amazon, and multiple payment services. This brought orders to a single location and allowed reports to be created directly in Salesforce. QuickBooks was also integrated, making payroll easier and more accurate.

A customized quoting system was created to make the sales process better for both sales reps and customers. The rep creates and sends a quote to the customer, which includes a unique link to a branded Salesforce page. When the link is clicked, a detailed view of the potential order is shown, complete with product images and order total.

If the customer decides to purchase the order, they can pay through Paypal or directly on the page via Authorize.net. If the customer does not immediately purchase their order, time-based workflow rules generate and send reminder e-mails to the customer one week and 30 days after the quote is generated.

There are many instances where a customer wants to tailor the products on their order. Ironcompany.com has two types of product customizations, variants and modifications. Variants typically involve attributes about the product like the color or size, and in some cases, alter the price of the product. Apex triggers were implemented to automatically update the price of a product when reps select variants.

Modifications tend to include more specific changes. For example, Ironcompany.com may sell a standard 3-dumbbell set containing 5, 10 and 15 pound dumbbells. If the customer wants to add a 20-pound dumbbell to their set, a rep can modify the product via custom fields. This prevents the need to create products based on every possible combination of items.

A custom Visualforce page for purchase orders was created by MK Partners, which works in tandem with the quoting process. Once an order is processed, the sales rep can click on a button to create a PO for the equipment vendors. The page organizes the products by vendor, gathering and displaying each vendor’s main contact information. Comments can be added to each section, which are visible on the purchase order PDF. Once the PO’s are ready, the rep sends them to each vendor by simply clicking “Send PO”.


Ironcompany.com President JP Brice says, “Salesforce has been a blessing. We now have the confidence that we will be able to grow from many directions.”

Integrating with various APIs has drastically improved the purchasing process for Ironcompany.com. According to Brice, “[Orders] are all now brought in to Salesforce and processed efficiently under one roof.” This has allowed Ironcompany.com to easily create reports and dashboards based off of their data.

MK Partners was able to customize Ironcompany.com’s Salesforce application so they have what they need from their CRM system, without the fear of outgrowing it.

Quotes and Purchase Orders are covered from start to finish with the custom code written by MK Partners, streamlining the ordering process.

“As far as MK Partners is concerned, it is not often that someone exceeds our expectations. I give the entire experience a 10+ “ says Brice. “We look forward to working with MK [Partners] again.”