You’re in a meeting when it dawns on you; Timmy only has enough dog food left for the next two days. You don’t panic though, because you know that Nature’s Select has you covered. All you have to do is open the reminder email they sent you and click the link to reorder. That’s it; one click and you’re done.

Nature’s Select is an online retailer that specializes in all-natural pet food. After reaching a plateau with their growth, they made the decision to move to the Salesforce platform.  “When you hit a certain level of business, you can’t get past that unless you have a system that is entirely scalable” said Chief Operating Officer Anne Wotzak. MK Partners has worked closely with Nature’s Select to configure their Salesforce application with the goals of easing the customer ordering process and increasing company growth.

Unlike many e-commerce companies, Nature’s Select is very predictive of their customers’ purchases, sometimes letting the customer know that they need to place an order before they are even aware that their supply is low.  With their old system, many orders were coming in last minutes, but with Salesforce, Nature’s Select can send out automated reminders that help get orders in place earlier.

By using Salesforce, Nature’s Select has been able to offer customers multiple ways to order and reorder products, making the purchasing process convenient. Email and text reminders are sent that include a link containing an pre-built order. The order is ready to ship with the click of a button.

“E-commerce is one thing, but we are going past that, almost like it’s just a nod of the head” Wotzak said.  “Now having to go online to place an order every time is a pain. Customers are busy and we want it to be easy for them.”

Since integrating their shopping cart with Salesforce and utilizing automation for payment and reminders, Nature’s Select has seen an increase in customer retention, cutting their leakage rate in half.  Customers are loyal to Nature’s Select, and the company returns the favor, sending reminders to those who are overdue on their reorders. According to Wotzak, as soon as those emails are sent, a huge response is reorders is seen.

In order to get shipments out to customers, Nature’s Select works with about 50 different distributors. To make the shipping and delivery process easier, a system was developed to adhere to the different standards used by each distributor. With the click of a button, the end user in Salesforce is able to change how the system responds to a specific distributor.

With a competent CRM system in place for orders and deliveries, Nature’s Select is able to focus on future plans, which include a mobile app that will make the ordering process even simpler. “It is rapid, easy, and convenient in an unprompted situation. It’s always with you; you don’t have to worry about it” added Wotzak.

As an online Business to Consumer company, Nature’s Select has a high volume of immediate transactions, often based on intense customer relationships that can last the entire life of a pet.  Salesforce allows Nature’s Select to have a vision for their growth and their relationships with their customers. It also makes the buying process easier and more convenient for the customer, sometimes requiring only one click.

Salesforce has allowed Nature’s Select to adjust their business processes in ways that fit with their vision for the company. COO Anne Wotzak added that, “Support has gone beyond just how Salesforce works. You [MK Partners] think about downstream problems in a more complex way than we do and come up with a better solution.”

MK Partners continues to collaborate with Nature’s Select to execute solutions to increase growth. With new ideas coming down the pipeline, the future is exciting for Nature’s Select.

For more information about Nature’s Select visit www.naturalpetfooddelivery.com and contact MK Partners for questions about Salesforce consulting.