Located on the UC Berkeley campus, Berkeley Hillel serves as a place for students to relax and connect with their Jewish peers.  A decade ago, Hillel served as a synagogue but since then it has added community center, training ground, Jewish learning center, and more to its repertoire.

UC Berkeley Hillel hosts several events on campus and needed a better way to track student attendance.  They called on MK Partners to develop a system of matching students to the events they attended, making data available quicker, in turn allowing Hillel to analyze the data and use it for future planning.


UC Berkeley Hillel was using Salesforce to manage their donor database and event attendance. They wanted to use their application to automate some of their manual processes and make uploading data more secure and efficient.

Although event attendance was being at least partially measured within Salesforce,  the tool Berkeley Hillel was using was causing a lag time in analyzing data.  According to Rabbi Adam Naftalin-Kelman, it could take upward of 8 months for information to become available.


In order to take out the middleman and decrease the lag time on data uploading, MK Partners created a custom Visualforce page for Berkeley Hillel.  The page allows spreadsheets and attachments to be uploaded right into their Salesforce application.

When students go to an event, they typically either physically write down their student number or get their ID scanned. That information is then uploaded into Salesforce and data is available immediately. New students are also entered into the system as contacts.


Uploading attendance directly into Salesforce eliminates the extensive wait to review the information.  “The data is in real time” said Rabbi Naftalin-Kelman, “This helps us to be more effective in delivering an experience to the students.”

Real time data has impacted what type of events are scheduled and when. UC Berkeley Hillel can see which activities are the most popular and which students are particularly involved. This helps with future campaigns and student relationships.

UC Berkeley Hillel had a vision on how create better experience for the students who utilize their services. Working together with MK Partners, Berkeley Hillel was able to bring this vision to life with Salesforce.

“MK Partners was great to work with. [Our Developer] understood what we were looking for and had a great sense of how to solve a problem. He was really competent in the work he was doing,” added Rabbi Naftalin-Kelman.