Dreamforce Preview: Subjects I’m Most Looking Forward to as a Marketer

Friday, September 16, 2022

*Dreamforce* is next week & I’m about as excited as a kid going to an Auto Convention. It’s expected there will be some waiting for some of these features in Marketing Cloud to fully evolve, but as a marketer, here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Datorama: Datorama allows you to combine your disparate marketing sources into one model and view it in customized dashboards. These capabilities can be combined through various metrics, dimensions, and KPIs. The Datorama Platform has a customized data model featuring pre-defined data relationships, so it combines terms across advertising platforms and standardizes the data to all work together & quickly:

Once everything is in one place, Datorama lets you create dashboards quickly and easily with InstaBrand.

Pardot: Pardot has been its own platform since its acquisition by Salesforce early last decade. Cycling between (initially) being a reliable B2B platform, and eventually being used as a B2C platform, it will now reside in Marketing Cloud as Marketing Cloud **Account Engagement:**

Example of Reporting for a Pardot Email

It’s great to see Pardot being kept around as workhorse in Marketing Cloud for further use. The platform’s ease of use for email creating and sending, landing pages, reporting etc. has been one of the major wins of the platform within the Salesforce ecosystem. Where it will eventually sit & how it will operate as Account Engagement remains to be a bit of a mystery, but still, Salesforce is still committed to the platform.

Journey Builder: Sometimes it’s important to utilize a platform with more horsepower than say Pardot’s Engagement Studio — And that would be legacy Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder. This platform can track all of your customer data from any source based on attributes, browsing behaviors, and purchase history to build personalized messaging. It can also trigger real-time customer behaviors based on events (EG: purchase activity.)

It’s expected that both Pardot’s Engagement Studio will stick around as well as Journey Builder. Using them together in tandem as a marketer would be ideal.

If there’s anything you’re looking forward to at Dreamforce, or think we should check out, let us know in the comments! And, if you’d like to chat about something more org-specific, have an idea for a new customization you’d like to roll out, or need a hand with a brand new implementation — drop us a line! We’re always happy to help.

We’ll see you at Dreamforce!

Tommy Holden
Tommy Holden
Content Contributor @ MK Partners.