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Whether you need to get a brand new org off the ground, re-start a stalled project, or take your vision from "back of the napkin" into reality - MK Partners can help!

Agile, effective, time-tested.

While every project and organization is unique, we've developed a system to ensure success, timely execution, and end-user adoption. At a high-level, these are the key components of every MK Partners project.

Business Process Walkthrough: To ensure our understanding of the way your business, teams, and systems operate.

End-Vision & Strategy Scrum: To codify what success in the finished system will look like and align executive champion goals with end users and the project team.

Phased Execution: To ensure timely completion of project objectives and the ability to work around inevitable hold-ups, hiccups, and logistical snags.

User Acceptance Testing: To guarantee fulfillment of project goals on a feature-level, ensure understanding, and drive user-adoption.

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Implement & Go-Live

MK Partners has helped hundreds of clients roll out Salesforce for the first time. Whether you're replacing a system, integrating with one, or starting up from scratch, Salesforce trusts us to get their new clients off the ground - quickly, effectively, and right back to business.

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Coding & Development

Feel like there's a feature missing that would make your life easier, processes smoother, and your business better? Let us build it for you! Apps, components, pages, integrations - our certified dev team is up to the task. We've built ground-up solutions for thousands of our clients.

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Managed Services

Need "on-call" help for those unforseen, but urgent, asks? We offer managed service packages to clients who don't know what they'll need yet, but know they'll need it ASAP. Administration, development, data security, and support, all only a "ping" away.

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Managed service packages means help is only ever a "ping" away.

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We're happy to learn more about you, your business, and what you'd like to see form your Salesforce org. No pressure, no pitches, just some perspective.