Generate Personalized Holiday Cards in Salesforce

Friday, December 24, 2021

We’re right in the middle of the holiday stretch and it’s about that time where marketing, sales, success, and support teams start sending out “thank you”s and “best wishes” to their clients and users that made the year special.

And, while the card interior is where you’ll really pour your handwritten heart and soul, sometimes you want to add a little customization and personalization to the cards themselves too! Especially if you’re celebrating something like a 25-year client anniversary or the successful completion of a project. Luckily, mass-production isn’t just the purview of Hallmark anymore and, thanks to Mambo Merge, you can personalize your messages to their recipients in a way that’d be impossible with a “pack o’ cards” from the party store!

In today’s video, Chris and Jesus take a look at their Mambo Merge setup to, in the click of a button in Salesforce, generate a printable document with the relevant info from all of their selected contacts!

Give it a watch and then head over to the AppExchange to install Mambo Merge in your org for free! There’s still time to get your “New Years” cards personalized, printed, and out the door!

And, if you have any questions, need a hand getting set up, or have an idea for another use case you’d like to apply Mambo Merge too, drop us a line! We’re always happy to help.

Until next time, keep working hard, smart, and happy.

We’ll see you in the cloud.

Chris Stegall
Digital Marketing Coordinator @ MK Partners.
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