Mambo Merge 2.0 — The New Dance

Friday, August 11, 2023

Step into the studio and choreograph some routines

Winter ’24 release notes are soon coming to a help-dot-Salesforce near you and, with them, a chance to re-calibrate some of those essential skills and leverage new functionality launched in the release. While AI is paving the way for faster and simpler automation for existing tasks, one must still harness the fundamentals in order to stay ahead of the curve.

And speaking of realeases, with the rollout of Mambo Merge version 2.0, existing users will appreciate the enhancements of the app’s fundamentals along with some much-needed Mambo-inspired labels. If you are in need of an App that helps simplify document generation within Salesforce, look no further. This is the product that keeps on giving by seamlessly integrating the features you need while being 100% native to your org.

Check out what the fuss is all about and get a glimpse at some of the enhancements and fixes that come bundled upon installation — Download it today, within the AppExchange.

If case you missed our ‘Office Hours’ this week, feel free to check out our Mambo Merge 2.0 recap video below.

First on the list is our newly labeled Mambo Merge component which is added to a lighting page through a page layout edit. We changed the labeling from Setup » Studio. Here we can build a series of instructions that will tell Mambo Merge what actions to take when a user initiates a merge.

The Studio is our practice stage where all of our choreography will take place to refine and fine-tune until the documents you seek are generated just the way you need.

While the Studio now becomes our practice stage each finalized choreography can now be saved as a Routine. Another label enhancement, previously known as configuration. Each Routine will be assigned to a component and provides the steps that the component needs to ensure each document generate presents itself just the way it should.

You can always adjust each Routine with new steps and actions to create new Routines and build an arsenal of completed choreographies.

On top of labeling restructuring, we added more functionalities within our component support Tab. We decided to include preset Templates to interact, adjust and make your own. This way you have a starting point and can begin utilizing the app upon installation. Helping you grasp what our Studio and Routines are all about.

But there’s more, within the Features tab on the Support page you will find a helpful reminder along with our editions breakdown. Which also received a naming update. Free » Free(style), Standard » Fundamentals, PRO » Full Speed. Helping us bridge the gap between each edition and make them sound cool too.

Free(style) requires no subscription and is ready to use from the get-go. Fundamentals and Full Speed are paid editions and provide a series of features and functionality that makes them beneficial for those who need more out of their document generation needs. Short descriptions help differentiate each other.

In case you have questions and need assistance our built-in Contact Us form will help submit a ticket request directly from your Org. Making it simple and seamless to reach our support team in case you need assistance troubleshooting an issue.

Get in touch with our staff and let us help you get more out of your org while using Mambo Merge.

Last but not least within the Support tab you will find our Release Notes. Yet another quick and simple method to see what enhancements and fixes we deploy every time the App is updated.

With all these resources available we head back to breaking down our Routine Wizard to help you build, edit and save Routines. Here, you’ll be guided with the steps needed to try and test out new choreographies and once perfected save them as Routines.

We also provided the ability to save merged documents to a specific record. No longer will the document be limited to be saved to the record it was generated from but now you can assign it a record based on a condition or process you have in place. Simply select Attach to a Specific Record from the destination dropdown.

Just before you proceed to save a Routine you need to assign it some Backup Dancers, previously known as Post-Merge Actions. Another label restructure but a much-needed one because what is a Routine without some Backup Dancers to complete your choreography once it’s perfected? Those little things that must happen on the backend while the main show takes center stage. From assigning tasks, sending emails, or updating records after a document has been successfully merged.

Coming to a close we have some improvements within our saved Routines which allows you to choose a variety of action types and styles to create a more meaningful component for each completed choreography. Make each Routine unique and shine like a diamond. Easily preview how each Routine will appear within a component.

Check out the Mambo Merge website for all the new features and enhancements released on each new installment. I hope you are as excited as we are and look forward to connecting with more trailblazers to showcase our famous and popular #MamboMergePose! Our favorite way to connect and illustrate that the people at Mambo Merge are friendly, helpful, and energized to tackle the challenges presented by our customers and potential clients. Until next time, put your dancing shoes on, and we’ll see you in the cloud.

Jessie Penaloza
Jessie Penaloza
Content Contributor @ MK Partners.