Mark Your Calendars: Best Salesforce Events Dec 6, 2021 — Dec 10, 2021

Monday, December 6, 2021

Sorry, but last week we didn’t have any events, but I’m making that up to you this week with allllll of the events. I don’t even have room for any pleasantries. So sit back, open up your calendars, and let’s get planning!

You can count on a UN Sustainable Development Goal event to occur every week and this week is no different. How to Ensure Living Wages for All Employees is occurring at 9:30am (EST) on Tuesday, December 7th. “According to the International Labour Organization, more than 630 million workers worldwide — almost 1 in 5, representing 19% of all of those employed — did not earn enough to lift themselves and their families out of extreme or moderate poverty in 2019, ” which was made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar, attendees will learn and understand the concept of living wage, the importance of reducing poverty, leveraging good practices and examples, and highlighting incentives for businesses, as well as providing resources and tools to create business strategies to reduce poverty for employees.

So you’re a small business owner and don’t have a lot of money to grow or market your business. Well luckily for you 3 Pillars to Create High-Impact Campaigns on a Limited Budget is here to help you stretch that dollar! Also occurring on December 7th, Salesforce experts will be teaching viewers not only 3 tangible strategies to create high impact campaigns, but also providing you with easy to use formulas for calculating marketing ROI for emails, social media and virtual events. You’ll also hear about use cases on how to deliver these high impact campaigns. This event is at 11am (PST).

The rest of the events this week are occurring on Thursday, December 9th and let me tell you we have so many events on this day I couldn’t write about all of them! In fact, we have a huge event on this day! Dreamforce is coming to New York, in-person! WHAT, ANOTHER DREAMFORCE THIS YEAR AND IT’S NY!?!? Crazy, right!!!! This day-long event is only in-person for those who have been invited, but don’t worry it will be streamed on Salesforce+. Not only will we have the likes of the Black Eyed Peas (no Fergalicious though), and Lar Ulrich from Metallica (not a Dreamforce without Metallica, am I right) be in attendance, but also MK Partners own Chris Stegall will be leading not 1, but 2 sessions! The event will start at 10am (EST), and will contain all of the magic of Dreamforce! I can’t wait to see if the London and Paris Dreamforces happen too! Ugh what a great holiday gift to all of us in the Salesforce ecosystem!

Our next event is a webinar for those in the Higher Ed sector. At 11am (PST) What Admission Leaders Think, will present the results from the Insider Higher Ed survey on how undergrad admissions fared, how to respond proactively to these challenges, and how leaders in this sector are adapting. The speakers cover topics such as recruitment, enrollment, standardized testing, and affirmative action.

How to Get Started with Salesforce Backup and Restore is also at 11am (PST) and is an important webinar to attend. We all know data is like water for your business, you NEED it to survive, and if you lose it or something major happens to it, well, you are in a lot of trouble. Join this webinar to see a demo of the new Salesforce security solution and learn “how to prevent data loss with automatic backups, recover from incidents quickly with just a few clicks, and satisfy disaster recovery and regulatory compliance.” There will be a live Q&A session at the end with the Salesforce Restore and Backup team too!

Finally, we are ending the day with another Higher Ed event, except this time focusing on international students. The International Student Recruitment Imperative — What’s Next for Business Schools starts at 1pm (GMT) and will talk about the challenges and opportunities that have arisen in the last 2 years for international students. Business schools have had to do some major adapting beyond hybrid or virtual learning (such as dealing with students unable to return to the country due to lockdowns, etc.), so Salesforce is here to help by teaching viewers what strategies from institutions that work and don’t work, as well as how to prepare for the future. They will also cover the impact in the shift of learning models, programs, content, and outreach and how this has effects outreach to these students.


Sorry again guys for not having anything last week for me to write about. I think everyone was still tired from eating so much turkey to do anything.

Caylin Schmenk
Events @ MK Partners.
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