Mark Your Calendars: Best Salesforce Events July 12, 2021 — July 16, 2021

Monday, July 12, 2021

July be looking so fly with all of these events! This upcoming week, the events are geared towards teaching teams, regardless if they are sales teams or administrators. So sit back, open up your calendars and let’s get planning!

We are starting off the week bright and early on Monday morning with a Trailhead Live event. On July 12th at 9am (PST), Introducing New Salesforce Designer Role and Certification is going to teach viewers how Salesforce is empowering their designers to build human-centered experiences. Viewers will “learn more about the UX Designer persona, the knowledge, the experience, and skills necessary to be successful on the certification, and how to get started.” As someone who had no idea about the designer role at Salesforce (I’m so used to hearing about Admin, Dev, and Marketing related certifications), I’m glad that they are bringing awareness to the role and that there is a certification for it!

This next event I’m very excited about, as it is still relevant! As part of Salesforce’s Stories of Resilience series, Forming Personal Connections in a Digital-First World is here to talk about human connections. Occurring on Tuesday, July 13th at 10am (PST), the Founders & CEO’s of PepTalkHer and Blavity will talk about how their brands support their employees, customers, and communities in the digital world. The conversation will focus on topics such as thinking of new ways to adapt to change, creating feedback loops with customers, and addressing economic and social challenges. This episode is geared towards small business owners, but anyone is welcome to attend to help make the change at their company!

Mulesoft is like peanut butter in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — you need it to connect all of your Salesforce apps and systems together in one place. Well luckily for you, Salesforce is hosting The Future of Service Automation and Integration with MuleSoft Composer, to talk about how important this is, especially for service and sales agents. Not only does MuleSoft help connect everything, it also automates processes to help improve productivity for agents, and case management scenarios. This webinar is on Tuesday, July 13th at 11am (PST), and if you are looking to provide great service for your company, then you should sign up.

We are going across the pond for a short event for those in the higher education sector. New Ways to Attract & Engage Prospective Students is taking place on Tuesday, July 13th at 2pm (BST) in the UK, so you may have to adjust that date and time. Even though things are starting to return to normal, the strategies, processes, competition, and expectations are evolving and not going backwards for higher ed recruiters. Viewers will learn how recruitment and admissions have been impacted, but also how they are using technology to assist them. The speakers will also talk about areas that have shifted a lot, and how to interact and capture the attention of potential students.

Our next event is for Admins newer to the ecosystem or Admins who just need a refresher. Another Trailhead Live event, Admin Best Practices: 3 Steps to Seamless Deployments is occurring on Wednesday, July 14th at 10am (PST). The development strategies that Admins use can make or break a rollout, so Admins want to make sure they manage these deployments without any disruptions, including avoiding bugs, and to increase user adoption — all things you will learn during this webinar! This is a 30 minute webinar, so there are no excuses for Admins not to join.

We are ending our week on Thursday, July 15th with 5 Ways to Connect a Disconnected Account Team. Starting at 11am (PDT) sales leaders will discuss the 5 common pitfalls every and all sales teams face, and how to avoid them. They will talk about simplifying account handoffs, improving visibility within documentation, and accelerating deals, leading to an overall customer-centric account team. Additionally, they will talk about onboarding, and provide you with resources and tools for the account team on all ends.


Last week we had another event in the Success Anywhere World Tour with Bentley Motors and RBC Wealth Management on how they use Customer 360. Then we had a Thursday packed full of events, including the first ever Consulting Dreamin’! How did you like it? Did it make you want to start up or work for a Salesforce consulting company? We got to hear about the new partnership between Amazon Web Service and Salesforce in AWS and Salesforce: Managing Date Across Your Organization, which will allow for data to be more centralized and allow for innovation to increase and accelerate, specifically for the nonprofit and education sectors. Salesforce hosted Automating Feedback and Transforming Customer Experience to highlight the automation of collecting feedback across customer journeys and how to analyze that information to help improve customer experience, but also how to analyze trends and opportunities. Tweet us @mkpartners and let us know what your favorite event was!

Also, make sure to let us know if you think there are any events worth mentioning and what event you are excited about this upcoming week. And, as always, we will see you in the cloud!

Caylin Schmenk
Events @ MK Partners.
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