Mark Your Calendars: Best Salesforce Events Nov 15, 2021 — Nov 19, 2021

Monday, November 15, 2021

The last 2 weeks may have been exhausting, but you need to keep your energy going cause this week is jam packed too! Well technically it’s not this week, just Wednesday, because once again, everyone decided Wednesday was THE golden day. So I picked my top 5 events just for you, so that you don’t get overwhelmed, and hopefully you can attend more than 1 event. So sit back, open up your calendars, and let’s get planning!

For those of us on the Pacific Coast we are starting our Wednesday, November 17th morning kind of early at 7:45am (PST) for Child Labour in the Extractives Sector. This is another UN SD Goal event, and will end at 9am. This event is part of an interactive digital series launched by the US and UK UN networks. The series goal is to overall raise awareness “on the importance of the eradication of child labour and inspire action,” with this particular session focusing on childern in the minning and quarries sectors around the world. The speakers will teach businesses how they examine and take practical action in their business to address child labour.

Then at 9am (PST) we have 2 events vying for your attention. The AppExchange Pitch-Off: A Celebration of Entrepreneurship is a 45 minute virtual event to bring together Salesforce Acceleration and Business Builders. You’ll hear about entrepreneurs’s stories of resilience and success, as well as watch the top 5 Salesforce Accelerate graduates pitch their ideas in a matter of minutes to impress the judges (see a competition within a competition).

Our other 9am event is great for those in the nonprofit sector and is something interested viewers will need to keep their pulse on. Marketing Trail Guide to More Personalized Nonprofit Communications is the first webinar in the digital Trail Guide Series, which is to provide nonprofit attendees with educational content, tools, and skills to put them in the right direction, as well as the technology to succeed. In the first session, you’ll hear about best practices and how to automate personalized moments to build relationships from staff at Atlanta Mission. From the Salesforce side, you will learn about getting to know your audience, and understanding key moments with your messaging to your audience.

Then at 10am (PST) Stories of Resilience: A Conversation with Baron Davis, a 2 time NBA All-Star and an angel investor, will talk about how he uses his platform to empower small businesses and his community. In addition to Baron Davis, there will also be guest speakers from Deluxe and GetFeedback, who will be discussing strategies businesses can use to connect with their team, customers and communities. Stories of Resilience ongoingly shares advice, strategies, and stories to small business owners from previous small business leaders who are now paving the path forward for others.

Then wrapping up the day at 11:30am (PST), the Irvine, CA Salesforce Women in Tech group is hosting Top Tips for Passing a Certification. This hour-long event will host a speaker from Supermums to give some insider tips on how to pass a certification. Supermums have helped hundreds of moms (and dads) return to work, change their career, and launch a business, all with using Salesforce. This is definitely a good virtual event to end your day with!


Last week the UN Global Compact hosted the 3 day virtual conference, Integrate 2021, which focused on the world of finance and provided businesses “with the tools and insights to know how to adapt, operationalize and execute on a global shift.” The long awaited Tableau Conference finally occurred, with over a 100 episodes; what episode was your favorite? For those who were up early enough, they got to participate in the UN Global Compact conference Business Ambition for Climate Action. What did you learn from the sessions from this event?

We got to celebrate a little with Salesforce Days — Partner Ecosystem Celebration, but also got a sneak peek as to what to expect for next year for those in the AMER Partner ecosystem! The SEA (Southeast Asia) Dreamin’ 2021 took place virtually this year and I found out just today that the Quokka (such a cute animal) Dreamin’ 2021 (the Dreamin’ conference in Perth, Australia) also took place on the same day! Tweet us @mkpartners and let us know what your favorite event was!

Also, make sure to let us know if you think there are any events worth mentioning and what event you are excited about this upcoming week. And, as always, we will see you in the cloud!

Caylin Schmenk
Events @ MK Partners.
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