Mark Your Calendars: Best Salesforce Events Sep 6, 2021 — Sep 10, 2021

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Thirsty for events Thursday anyone? Well the universe has decided that EVERY EVENT this week will be on Thursday, September 9th, so “drink” up. Also, they are all morning events, so you will have to pick what event is the best suited for you. But luckily all of these events are virtual, so it doesn’t matter where you are! So sit back, open up our calendars and get planning!

9:00am (PST)

Luckily only one event is occurring at this time and it’s the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion for Nonprofits Fundraising Success webinar! Guest speakers from Indiana University, Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy, and Pencils of Promise are joining Salesforce to discuss how communities of color are “investing their time, talent, and treasure to make meaningful changes.” Even with these changes to giving being fueled by the pandemic and racial justice movements, any information on philanthropy across diverse communities is almost nonexistent. This webinar is hoping to decrease that gap by helping nonprofits understand what motives giving practices in these communities, where they donate to, and tools and techniques donors of color are using in order to give.

10:00am (PST)

10:00am is the golden hour today and these events will definitely demonstrate that! Our first event is an educational Trailhead Live event for Developers. In Make the Most of Your DX Projects With the Build in Node.js Scripts viewers will learn about the key aspects of a Node project. These key aspects include how to use the format, lint, run tests, pre-commit checks, looking at scripts, and the dependencies that support those actions. If you are going to create a new project with the Salesforce CLI’s, you are provided with a standard project template that contains a package.json file. This is a Node.js project descriptor “that helps you enhance the developer experience” and some developers may be aware of this already, but as an Event Coordinator, you bet I wasn’t, and any new developers to the ecosystem might not be either!

If you are interested in learning about the different types of matching gift programs out there, then you should consider Jumpstart Your End-of-Year Giving with Matching Gifts. Not only will viewers learn about the different types of giving, but also the taxonomy of matching gifts, planning and budgeting for gift matching, and what technologies can help with this. Not only will nonprofits learn a lot, but businesses who donate or want to create a gift matching project can learn a lot as well!

Our biggest event of the day is actually the Google Cloud Startup Summit! From 10am to 12:30pm this virtual event will host a variety of short sessions about starting up a business. You’ll hear inspirational stories and advice, best practices to streamline development and create better experiences, and discussions on how to optimize resources. There are roughly 20 speakers already slated to speak, and most of the sessions are 30 minutes long. Additionally, there is still more to come, so make sure to register if you want to learn more!

11:00am (PST)

If you are a small or medium business, or are just looking to build an app, then 5 Tips to Go from Idea to App Fast is for you! Building an app is a great way to stand apart from the competition and helps drive growth, but it can be difficult to see which development tool you should use and what kind of app you can build. In this webinar, Salesforce is joined by LaunchPad Lab and Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium to hear how they created a customer facing app, which in turn helped their business grow!


Last week we started off the week in the UK for Deliver, Manage, and Measure Programs at a Scale with the Power of the Salesforce Ecosystem where 4 companies showcased their apps from the AppExchange, and how they can help nonprofits. Then later in the day, 6 Steps for Small Business SEO Success small business owners learned how to “get noticed” by search audiences on platforms like Google. It covered how to drive traffic to your site, how to interact with your prospects, the type of keywords you should select, and what you can do to improve your Google rank.

Then in Empower Your Sale and Service Teams with Learning in the Flow of Work sales and service teams learned how they can utilize myTrailhead for onboarding, manage processes efficiently, skilling-up new hires and re-skilling veterans easily, and basically training for everyone to understand the bottomline. Finally in CMO Council: Driving Long-Term Engagement and Allyship in Challenging Times, representatives from the YMCA, JCC, and the Boys and Girls Club of America hosted a panel discussion about trends shaping the variety of event types that have emerged during the pandemic, engagement strategies, and trends shaping nonprofits. Tweet us @mkpartners and let us know what your favorite event was!

Also, make sure to let us know in the comments if you think there are any events worth mentioning and what event you are excited about this upcoming week. And, as always, we will see you in the cloud!

Caylin Schmenk
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