MK Partners is a Great Place to Work! (Again)

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

It’s “Great Place to Work” National Certification day and I’m proud to announce that for the second year in a row, MK Partners has been certified!

A rigorous surveying of employees around the world and then a comparison and ranking of the benefits, cultures, and general satisfaction forms the backbone of the GPW program and it offers tremendous insight into what organizations leading the charge in employee retention are doing to ensure that they’re a “Great Place to Work”!

Like last year, I’m tremendously proud, both of our organization for producing such a remarkable environment, and of my colleagues for their contribution to the things that make “MK” great! So I sat down to celebrate Certification Day with an unboxing of the welcome pack from GPW!

Congratulations team!

And tomorrow marks TrailheaDX, one of the biggest events of the year for (another Great Place to Work certified operation) Salesforce! So we’ll see you online tomorrow at the keynote and in the sessions and, until then, keep working hard, smart, and happy.

We’ll see you in the cloud.

Chris Stegall
Digital Marketing Coordinator @ MK Partners.

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