More to Get Excited About — Upcoming Marketing Cloud Winter ’23 Releases

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Enhance & Optimize your respective activity with Sprout Social Connector & Ecommerce Marketing Insights App!

Salesforce’s Northern Trail Sample Image for MC Intelligence: Ecommerce Marketing Insights App

Salesforce’s Northern Trail Sample Image for Social Sprout

Two new & exciting Intelligence sub-products will be making their debut for the Winter ’23 Marketing Cloud release = Sprout Social Connector & Ecommerce Marketing Insights App. These are in the release notes and seem to be flying under the radar a bit, so shedding light on their upcoming capabilities is, without a doubt, important. Both products are available in all MC Intelligence Editions (Starter, Growth, & Plus).

Sprout Social Connector: All social data from Sprout Social will be able to be combined with web analytics, sales, and any marketing data for spend and revenue optimization. A photo example is above.

In summary, if your org is using Sprout Social, all that data will now*** ***roll up directly to the “Social Studio” Marketing Cloud Application. It’s a primary tool which allows for more detail within the app as a dynamic sub tab within Marketing Cloud. On a high level, the largest benefit for using this platform would be to merge additional Sales & Marketing data into a single view for additional use.

The main benefits include:

  1. Connecting all organic and paid social media data: Social data can be combined in detail with web analytics, sales, and Intelligence.

  2. Uncover omni-channel insights in one platform: Performance can be further analyzed with interactive cross-channel dashboards and various reports.

  3. Optimizing social performance: Gain insight into social data next to your existing marketing data for spend and revenue optimization.

Ecommerce Marketing Insights App:

Ready to connect your Ecommerce sales directly to your marketing efforts? The Ecommerce Marketing Insights App makes that integration easy and helps orgs instantly recognize the effectiveness, duration, and impact of marketing efforts directly to their Ecommerce sales. After all, all that Shopify/etc… data is only so valuable unless you can tie it to the other pieces of your business’ efforts.

The mainline benefits include:

  1. **Optimize your RoAS: **Out of the box insights help you spend budget budget more efficiently, while driving greater sales and revenue.

  2. **Uncover product and campaign optimizations: **Personalize your marketing and ecommerce programs based on outbound messaging performance.

  3. **Harmonize ecommerce and marketing data. **Native integrations let you quickly connect all of your marketing and ecommerce data into a single view.

And, while the setup/connector windows do look super easy to use, as always if you need a help getting up and running — just drop us a line! We’re always here to lend a hand implementing the solutions your org needs to maximize the value you get from the platform.

We’ll see you in the cloud!

Tommy Holden
Tommy Holden
Content Contributor @ MK Partners.