Recap: TrailblazerDX and Northeast Dreamin’ (and Texas Dreamin’)

Thursday, May 12, 2022

April ended with a trio of high-demand, high-turnout, and high-value Salesforce events thrown by the platform and its ever-growing community of users, champions, and Trailblazers!

TrailblazerDX took over Moscone in San Francisco for West Coaster’s while the East Coast community gathered in Providence, RI for Northeast Dreamin’ and those in the South gathered in Austin for Texas Dreamin’!

The scheduling overlap still hints at shaking off some of those no-in-person-events-for-a-while cobwebs that had a chance to form while the pandemic pushed these meetups remote for the better part of two years but, for those that were able to attend, these events offered a nice return to the swing of things and a reminder just how powerful, expansive, and excited the Salesforce community can be face to face!

For MK Partners I headed up to SF for TrailblazerDX (and also got to spend some time in the spotlight at the Salesforce+ lounge, chatting about Legends of Low Code — Salesforce’s first reality show) and on behalf of Mambo Merge, Jesus jetted out to Rhode Island to meet the East Coast community for the first time.

And, while we were there, we took the chance to hop on a video call to compare keynotes, session offerings, highlights, and more!

All in all, the events were a delight and offered a ton of learning opportunities for admins, devs, users, and partners alike. And, perhaps best of all, all three events brought Trailblazers back together for the first time in years — and you could already see sparks of the innovation that always follows these events.

Give the video a watch and, if you missed the events this time around, you can still catch virtual sessions online!

Until next time, keep working hard, smart, and happy. And we’ll see you in the cloud!

Chris Stegall
Chris Stegall
Marketing Director @ MK Partners.