Salesforce (Not So) Secrets: Improve “At-a-Glance” UX with Emojis in Formula Fields!

Friday, February 17, 2023

Your Salesforce org is only as good as its data AND your team’s ability to digest, analyze, and act on that data. That’s why good UX is so important, both so that your users will actually input the relevant info to keep your org up to date, but also so that they can quickly and effectively synthesize that data into meaningful business decisions.

Today’s (not so) Secret tip comes directly from the Admin team here at MK Partners where Grazie was working with a client that wanted a speedy way to tell, from a list view, which records were overdue for some attention. The solution was to include a formula field that would throw up a big red “stop sign” 🛑 if the last contacted date was outside a certain time range (in this case, 120 days). That way, from a list view, you could instantly see (and sort by) which leads needed some love, ASAP!

And, in this case, the formula itself was as simple as:

IF((Today()-( Last_Contacted_Date__c)>120=True), "🛑","")

Naturally, I took it upon myself to whip up an example in my Trailhead org so we could show off some examples without sharing any client data — and Grazie and I hopped on a call to discuss!

Obviously, for my use case the formula involves some nested IF statements and I’ll happily post the final formula here as soon as I get back into my Trailhead account (I seem to have forgotten the city of my birth and so, been put on a 24 hour time-out from logging in).

I don’t remember which Salesforce release included the ability to use Emojis in org, but it’s one of those things that seems to pop onto our radar every year or two and provides some creative opportunities for solution design. Here’s LeeAnne Rimel on adding them to List View names as well!

So go out there and give it a whirl! And, of course, if you need a hand realizing your vision, further customizing or configuring your org, building a Salesforce App you can list on the AppExchange, or anything else in the world of Salesforce — drop us a line! We’re always happy to help.

Until next time, keep working hard, smart, and happy. And we’ll see you in the cloud.

Chris Stegall
Chris Stegall
Marketing Director @ MK Partners.