Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Timeline

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

The new year is in full swing, the confetti’s been cleaned up, and we’re (mostly) used to writing “/23” on dates by now, and that all points to one thing — the Salesforce Spring ’23 release is on the way! As always, we’ll be peppering the lead-up to launch with another round of Release Highlights posts to show-off our picks for the most-anticipated updates, upgrades, and new features, and today we’ll be talking through the timeline so you can be sure to not miss a thing in this release cycle.

Let’s dive in!

Sandbox Previews Go Live — January 6

If you’re taking advantage of the sandbox preview, it looks they’re going live at the end of this week so you’ll be able to take all the new features for a test spin! Sandbox previews are our greatest source of accurately evaluating just how valuable individual updates are going to be to our org, and our clients’ orgs, so it’s definitely worth the time if you get the chance.

Release Site Goes Live — January 6

The release notes are already live, but what if you’re looking for a Trailhead module to walk you through the release in a clear, digestible, slightly-gamified way? Well the 6th also marks the launch of the release readiness website with short videos, helpful demos, and a whole module designed to impart the most knowledge with the least amount of friction, whatever your preferred learning style!

Release Readiness LIVE Broadcast — January 20–27

The admin and developer evangelists are kicking off the Spring ’23 Release with another round of “Release Readiness Live”! Then, the product management team will discuss and demo the new features. We’ll get to see how those features work in real time and get a sneak peek into the roadmap for the rest of 2023!

Spring ’23 Go Live

And finally, the main event! When can you expect Spring ’23 to be live in your production environment. It depends a bit on your org ID, but the release is being broken out into 3 main sweeps, a super-limited pilot program first, and then two much wider releases before it’s in orgs everywhere:

Jan. 13— First Release Weekend (Limited, Pilot participation)

Feb. 23— Second Release Weekend

Feb. 10 — Final Release Weekend

Be sure to review our guide on how to check exactly when you can expect the update on your end and, as always, the complete list of orgs, updates, and timelines is available on the Salesforce Trust page!

As always, we’ll be doing another round of Release Highlights posts and videos as we countdown to launch, so stay tuned for our picks for favorite new features and, if you have any of your own, feel free to drop them in the comments.

Until then, keep working hard, smart, and happy. We’ll see you in the cloud.

Chris Stegall
Chris Stegall
Marketing Director @ MK Partners.