Summer ’23 Release Highlights: Marketing Cloud Updates

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

CloudPages and Content Builder Changes

For two weeks we’ve been exploring the Release Highlights Module to see what new updates and features are available across all industries, and poring over the Feature Matrix so you don’t have! And now, with so much content available (and less than a week before these updates get deployed to organizations all over the world) let’s continue our deep dive into the most impactful features from a day-to-day perspective.

(Don’t forget to check out the Release Site to find out when your org will get hit with these changes too.)

In this series of Release Highlights, we take a look at some of the new features added within Marketing Cloud CloudPages and Content Builder — Let’s dive in.

Errors Messages and Root Content For CloudPages

Have you ever wondered what happens when someone mistakenly enters too many characters while searching for a CloudPage custom domain? Perhaps they simply enter the root URL without including the custom domain name, resulting in an error message like “40x Error — Domain Not Found.” While utilizing a QR code could potentially address this problem, it would still require visitors to physically scan a code, which they may not be inclined to do. Search functionality is here to stay, and human errors such as adding or removing extra characters from URLs will always be a part of our lives.

Marketing Cloud will assist users by allowing them to direct visitors to the appropriate CloudPage through error messages. This feature update grants users the ability to display user-friendly error messages when visitors search or input a wrong URL for a custom domain CloudPage. Ever forgotten to republish a page after making changes? Perhaps there are misconfigurations in the content, issues with binding data, errors in the code, or external resources that caused a page to fail to render. With this update, these user-friendly error messages will also be triggered. This improvement will greatly aid in troubleshooting and maintaining page visibility whenever changes are made.

As a separate feature, users will also have the ability to customize the content of their CloudPage root URL. This means that visitors will be able to search, navigate, and access assets for improved management from both sides while establishing a strong bond of trust.

A Recycle Bin within Content Builder

Switching over to Content Builder, this new feature will allow you to recover content by sending it over to a recycle bin when deleted. Though it requires an Admin to grant a permission set, you will no longer need to contact support to restore deleted content! Granted the owner who owns the content will be the only one who can recycle it. Make sure to know who owns what content in case it needs to be restored.

If there’s something in the Release Notes, Release Highlights Module, Overview Deck, or Feature Matrix that caught your attention and you’d like us to cover, feel free to drop it in the comments below!

Until we meet again, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you in the cloud!

Jessie Penaloza
Jessie Penaloza
Content Contributor @ MK Partners.