The ABCs of Mambo Merge

Monday, June 5, 2023

The basics that make Mambo Merge ‘the Best’

Creating documents straight from Salesforce can be a game changer, a time saver, and an instant user fave. Whether you need digital or physical documents, Mambo Merge makes DocGen from your org a snap. Especially compared to the competition.

This installment of ‘Mambo Moves’ will break down the ABCs of Mambo Merge and show you why it’s taking the Appexchange by storm.


Always Easy To Use

Our team understands the challenges that Users, Admins, and Developers face when it comes to implementing third-party solutions with Salesforce. As partners ourselves, who’ve struggled through our share of complex installs and integrations, we wanted to create a solution that’s efficient, native, and has a small footprint. That’s why Mambo Merge requires the creation of zero custom objects or fields to install. And install is as easy as downloading and adding to a page layout. Regardless of your experience level or business size, generating documents should be a straightforward process that shouldn’t require custom code or memorizing complex commands just to generate simple docs.

With Mambo Merge, all you have to do is push a button (or drag and drop your template) and Salesforce data will be seamlessly merged into your document, each and every time. The user-friendly interface is packed with features to generate documents from multiple records, flows, and reports. Our customer service team is always ready to help by removing the frustration of endless email chains, unresponsive inquiries, or feeling ignored.

We’ll work with you at every step of the way to create solutions for any question, comment, or concern you may have. Our customers help shape the future of Mambo Merge features for new releases. Our team recognizes the need for a better, simpler, easier DocGen solution, hence Mambo Merge was created. Try it out for yourself and download it today.

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Better Than {{Competitor__C}}

Whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer, or a large enterprise, our solution can be packaged and distributed to meet your needs. We recognized the need for a better, simpler, easier DocGen solution that everyone can use.

Mambo Merge prioritizes data integrity right from its foundation. As a 100% native solution, we ensure complete security from the user to the document. Each document generates without requiring data to leave your org and is compiled by a third-party system, thus solidifying security. User permissions are taken into account with each license issued to ensure they can only access and generate documents with the data they are authorized to access by default. We understand the importance of providing peace of mind to our clients by securing their data while using our solution.

Better Than {{Competitor__c}}

Designed to be accessible to everyone, and unlike other providers who offer trial versions with limited expiration dates, Mambo Merge offers a FREE edition that can be used indefinitely. This base edition includes a broad range of features that are continuously enhanced with each new release. Upgrading to one of our paid editions unlocks even more potential, with discounted rates provided to non-profit organizations. We understand the importance of providing both FREE and PAID editions to maintain its rich feature sets and invest in the contributions provided by all those who’ve made it possible to maintain and continue providing releases for many years to come.


Configure, Customize, and Maintain without the Headaches

Implementing DocGen processes can be challenging and time-consuming for Admins, Partners, and Devs like yourself. We’ve met hundreds of individuals who invest countless hours into processes that aren’t generating the results they need. We understand the pain points and implemented a solution to tackle them straight on.

Maintaining a look and feel that aligns with your business needs is a priority and one of the many reasons why our built-in wizard maps your data and identifies the merge fields you need for each document. Adding the appropriate merge syntax to your existing documents creates a library of templates to manage and maintain as changes arise. Making it easier to adjust the look and feel each document needs as the business transitions as it grows.

By using conditional clauses, templates can analyze real-time data and produce results according to the specific conditions met. Eliminating the need of creating unique templates for every occasion. Instead, a single template can output multiple documents and be customized to the look and feel your company needs. Providing you with complete control of each output.

Many solutions impose limits on the number of documents you can generate at once and deploy charges beyond a certain threshold, Mambo Merge does not set a limit by default. Generate as many documents as your business requires from various sources such as list views, screen flows and more without restrictions.

We recommend that you take into consideration the storage capacity of your org, as it may require a bump if your storage limits reach their max.

Final Thoughts

We invite you to attend our Office Hours webinar, a speedy beginner’s guide where you can quickly learn about all things Mambo. However, if you have a specific use case in mind and would prefer a personalized demo, don’t hesitate to ask as we’re happy to create one, just for your use case.

And as always, thanks for sharing this with other trailblazers, and will see you in the cloud.

Jessie Penaloza
Jessie Penaloza
Content Contributor @ MK Partners.