Upgrade Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engine Horsepower with Slack. (That’s Right, Slack!)

Thursday, October 27, 2022

The 1999 Saab 9–3 Viggen Model: A Major Upgrade in Terms of Horsepower From the Base Model

Keeping track of activity across Marketing Cloud, especially the new program upgrades from the Winter ’23 release, is critical. The new Slack app provides upgraded & powerful alerts — allowing teams to adjust core processes, set rules to avoid issues, and create automations & workflow rules when necessary. Setting rules to prevent problems via Slack allows the use of prebuilt Marketing Cloud workflow rules to identify core issues = EG: Slow automation runtimes prior to creating campaign disruptions within Business Units.

For Instance, the new Digital Command Center for the Slack app provides teams with a monitoring tool for Marketing Cloud activity, directly in slack. A user can actively identify and resolve campaign inconsistencies prior to disrupting their business model. This includes alerts on various Journey Builder Program performance(s). The Digital Command Center for Slack app course corrects actions within various alerts = EG: Creating an independent channel, opening a support ticket, or analyzing an alert with upgrade details in Marketing Cloud.

So, What Exactly are the New High Level User Programs for Slack?

  1. Digital Command Center = Monitor automation activity in Marketing Cloud as well as identify problems & edit campaigns ahead of time.

2. Account Engagement = Provide sales representatives with automated & personal notifications on real-time prospect activity.

3. Intelligence Insights = Share campaign dashboards with partners to make quick & accurate, data-based decisions.

**Best of All: This Service is Free for customers who are using both Marketing Cloud Engagement and Slack.


  1. **THE DIGITAL COMMAND CENTER: **The Digital Command Center for Slack app provides teams with a complete view of Salesforce campaign activity including:

**— Keeping Track of Activities Across Marketing Cloud: **Marketing teams get a bigger view of performance. The app provides critical alerts, so teams can adjust processes and automations when indicated within Slack.

**— Set Rules to Prevent Problems: **Use prebuilt Marketing Cloud workflow rules or create your own custom rules to identify issues, such as slow automation runtime, before they negatively impact campaigns.

**— Make Alerts Work Harder: **The Digital Command Center for Slack app creates actions around an alert, such as creating a dedicated channel, opening a ticket, or investigating the alert in Marketing Cloud.

  1. **THE ACCOUNT ENGAGEMENT CENTER: **Controlled by the legacy Salesforce Pardot Platform, this program helps marketers drive additional pipeline & sales collaboration. Teams collaborating in the Accounts Object through Salesforce can easily influence Opportunities & direct notifications via Slack to streamline these processes:

— The Account Engagement for Slack App: Helps unify marketing and sales teams around key accounts for ideal communication. When teams collaborate in account channels, they can more easily move opportunities forward.

Alert Sales for Critical Leads: Notify the sales team in real-time when prospects &customers engage with a marketing asset in Slack (EG: A Download or a Trial Request.)

**— Enable Sales Teams for Upgraded Success to Close Deals Fast: **Customize notifications in Slack to provide sales teams with additional customer insights that they won’t ignore.

**3. THE INTELLIGENCE INSIGHTS APP: Share Intel Quickly to Make Smart Decisions. **Marketing leaders & partners can monitor campaigns with Intelligence Insights for Slack. Perhaps one of the most up & coming plaform enhancements, it’s actually powered by Datorama:

**— Comment on Dashboard(s): **Teams can view a Marketing Cloud Dashboard and comment on those related details. These efforts via Datorama result in additional team collaboration & intelligence.

**— Remove Barriers Between Teams & Partners: **Bring your partners into the CRM: Marketing teams, subject experts, and external partners will stay informed on campaign performance via Datorama by sharing and sending alerts from Intelligence Dashboards.

**— Update Partners Through Preferred Channels: **A user can now update to partners through various channels with dashboard reports & analytics.

4. Preview These Options for all of the Above Through the Links Below:




And finally, reach out to us at M.K. Partners for further advice & guidance for these new Slack features. We’re super stoked about these new product releases for Slack & always looking to help you out as an end-user!

Tommy Holden
Tommy Holden
Content Contributor @ MK Partners.