Winter ’23 Release Highlights: A Few Hand-Picked Features

Friday, October 7, 2022

Pardot, Slack, and More!

Farewell Pardot Classic The time has finally come to say farewell to our beloved Pardot Classic App as it’s being retired in all Salesforce orgs starting October 17th, 2022. With Pardot now being an entity of Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) more and more, references of the Pardot name will get replaced with Account Engagement. However, if you still need to access the standalone application you can go visit to do so.

Slack Subscriptions Next up is the ability to easily subscribe to reports and dashboards via Slack. Subscribe up to seven reports or dashboards without the need of having to import subscriptions manually. Schedule refreshes based on your requirements and obtains snapshots for you and recipients directly in Slack. Make sure your Salesforce org is connected to Slack and recipient permissions are set up. Help your teams better understand your business needs by providing them with the reports and dashboards they need to better understand real-time changes that impact your business.

Custom Address Fields The ability to create custom address fields will help collect more accurate data and provide a better user experience for your customers. With this new feature, customers can now use Google lookup search for an address to simplify the form submission process. This feature is generally available in all Lightning and Classic editions of Salesforce. Before enabling, check the requirements and limitations as the default picklists used may be visible to all users. As this feature is undergoing additional changes since its first release, will be sure to monitor what changes come next.

Supported Browsers and Devices For Lightning As more and more human interaction happens on the go, it’s good to stay up to date with the latest changes in Lightning support within browsers and devices. No changes were made on traditional desktop or laptop environments: Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari are still on top of the list of supported browsers. Just make sure to have the “latest stable browser version” installed. This pretty much just means to check with your browser vendor to make sure you have updated to the latest version. In the tablet space, you can always use the Salesforce Mobile App to access Lightning. However, you can only use Safari within iPadOS devices to access Lightning. It’s also recommended to lock your iPad rotation and use landscape orientation to maximize your browser’s full width. Make sure to “look under the hood” once a device and browser are considered to see what limitations may be in store.

Salesforce Mobile App The latest round of improvements made to our beloved Salesforce App consists of the following: Sales Features, Reports and Dashboards, Analytics, Setup and more. Within Sales, you are now provided with an option to group Opportunities by a territory hierarchy whereas before you could only do so by user role. This feature can quickly help you prioritize opportunities that can greatly impact your success rate of closed-wins by properly allocating resources where needed most. Still, under beta, mobile and enhanced reports get a major uplift with a new and improved responsive UI, faster load times and consistent performance across the screen. Scheduled to be available starting Oct 17th, 2022.

The Analytics home you are used to while working on the desktop is now available on mobile with a cohesive and friendly experience. Everything is now centralized with an intuitive and simplified user interface. Also, tablet devices will get a new lightning experience that becomes the default for new orgs after Winter ’22 and all orgs starting Spring ’23 any predecessors are scheduled for retirement in Spring ’23. Make sure to have your Admins enable this new “Lightning”, no pun intended experience for each org. Lastly, some miscellaneous changes include the ability to define different property values for desktop, tablet and mobile Lightning Web Components (LWC’s). Which includes defining which components need to be screen-responsive.

Final Thoughts Each release brings an abundance of changes to the Salesforce ecosystem. Our peers and the community are always ready to help clarify and define how to apply them to real-life use cases. As always, we’ll keep the Release Highlights rolling as we get closer to launch day and, if there’s something in the Release Notes that caught your eye and you’d like us to cover, feel free to drop it in the comments here!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you in the cloud!

Jessie Penaloza
Jessie Penaloza
Content Contributor @ MK Partners.