Winter ’24 Release Highlights: Account Engagement Updates

Friday, September 1, 2023

Just two weeks after the release notes went live, today’s the day the very first orgs are saying “hello” to Winter ‘24!

In today’s Release Highlights post, let’s take a look at the most exciting updates, upgrades, and features headed to Marketing Cloud Account Enaggement (the product formerly known as Pardot)!

Limit iframed Assets

Starting Winter ’24 one additional layer of protection will be available to provide more security to your data by means of limiting iframing (The ability to insert assets into a web experience from third-party sites). Whereas iframes can be used to display forms, images, or landing pages from one domain to another. This new update will allow you to specify which domains will be allowed to use your Iframed assets.

By default, all Business units created after this release will have iframes restricted by default. Those already in place will need to head over to Account Engagement Settings to make the necessary adjustments and apply restrictions, as needed.

While there are benefits of using iframes to embed external content into a web page there are also security risks which consists of changing source URL, installing malware, or even stealing information. Cross-site scripting or (XSS) attacks are one of the most common security risks when using iframes. Being able to limit which domains have access to using your assets is just one more step in the right direction to peace of mind.

Improved Email Send Times

For those building Engagement Studio programs you will be able to relate and possibly appreciate this much-needed update for quite some time.

In current Engagement Programs wait times between actions and triggers had to be set days well… with this new update you will be able to schedule wait times between hours. Providing the ability to traverse prospects across programs in a more timely matter. Automate emails to go out within hours on the same day, while creating a more personalized interaction along the way.

We now look forward to how many users will take Engagement Studio programs and leverage this must-have feature.

More To Come

We covered some of the features that stood out the most and feel will be appreciated by the community. Let us know what caught your attention and look forward to this new release. Make sure to check the maintenance calendar to see when your org gets hits with the release. Until next time keep working hard, smart, and happy.

And we’ll see you in the cloud!

Jessie Penaloza
Jessie Penaloza
Content Contributor @ MK Partners.