Winter ’24 Release Highlights: IdeaExchange UX Winners

Friday, August 18, 2023

With Midwest Dreamin’ wrapping up today, Mile High Dreamin’ taking place next week, and Dreamforce already peeking over the horizon, the Winter ’24 Salesforce release is nearly here and, with it, a whole new slate of features, updates, and upgrades that are eagerly anticipated by admins, devs, and users alike!

And that makes it the perfect time to launch our next installment of Release Highlights — the series where we read through the release notes and gather up all the most-valuable, time-saving, headache-relieving improvements headed to orgs everywhere!

Today, we’re taking a look at a couple IdeaExchange winners that are sure to improve user experience across the platform: Sortable Search Results, and Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists!

Let’s dive in!

Refine Your Search Results with Sort

Salesforce has generally focused on improving search functionality by refining the results; implementing artificial intelligence to improve accuracy, expanding the queryable objects and level-of-detail, but with Winer ’24 we’re getting a major improvement to how we interact with those results: the ability to sort by column!

With Winter ’24 you’ll be able to “Find what you need faster by sorting the column headers in your search results. You no longer have to scroll through pages of reports, dashboards, and CRM Analytics assets to find what you want. We delivered this feature thanks to your ideas on IdeaExchange.”

This is going to be a huge improvement to the search UX (and honestly, it’s functionality folks expect when they see column headers in search results) and, as an IdeaExchange suggestion that I’ve personally voted for, this really feels like a multi-layered win for users and admins everywhere!

Next up, and also a result of user input on the IdeaExchange, we’re getting more power to update, create, and edit related records en masse, right from a Related List view!

With Winter ’24 you’ll be able to “Use the power of quick actions on related lists, now generally available, to help your users create and update related records with ease. Streamline data entry by configuring quick actions with predefined field values and action layouts that include only the most important fields. And add quick actions directly on the related lists, right where users need them. Your users can create related records for items in the list without leaving the page. Or they can perform mass updates on up to 100 related records at once. We delivered this feature thanks to your ideas on IdeaExchange.”

Now the related list includes the quick actions that you added (1), and users can apply the actions to the records that they select (2).

This is going to be a super powerful tool for admins in their never-ending quest to translate user stories into time-saving actions and automations. And your users will love all the clicks they’re saving from no longer having to navigate through several different tabs and records just to make all the necessary adjustments!

Stay Tuned

Be sure to subscribe, stick around, and stay tuned here as well, because the Winter ’24 release notes are full of wins (including about 15 from the IdeaExchange) and so we’ll be back several times over running through the biggest and best updates and features for admins, devs, and users headed to orgs everywhere! And, if there’s a feature that’s caught your eye that you’d like a deep-dive in, let us know in the comments!

Until next time, keep working hard, smart, and happy. And we’ll see you in the cloud.

Chris Stegall
Chris Stegall
Marketing Director @ MK Partners.