Mark Your Calendars: Best Upcoming Events July 20, 2020 — July 24, 2020

Friday, July 17, 2020

Helloooo and excuse me while I bombard you with events this week! We are on a completely different page than the one we were on for the last few weeks. Also, for some reason everyone decided Tuesday and Thursday were the only days this week they wanted to host events. As a result, there are some conflicting times so unfortunately you won’t be able to attend every event this week. So sit back, open up your calendar and let’s get planning!

Tuesday, July 21st

Starting at 11am (PST) Unifying Communications & Support to Drive Equity in the New Normalis here for those who work in K-12 schools and parents whose kids attend school. Every school district will be handling how kids return to school in the fall differently, and education institutions will need support on how to handle this situation. The point of this webinar is to show those in the education industry (and parents who have concerns) how Salesforce technology can connect and unite schools’ operations to make the transition as effective and seamless as possible.

Maybe you are like me and don’t work for a school, attend school, or have any kids in school. Well, Are You Meeting Your Customers Where They Are?is also at 11am (PST) and is here to talk about how to help your clients. A lot of businesses, especially small businesses, are adjusting dramatically during this time and they need solutions to keep their business afloat. Brett Frazer from Sun Basket will join Salesforce to talk about why digital engagement is important for our customers in order to support their clients and business.

Then at 5pm the Oakland, CA, Women in Tech Group is hosting Nonprofits and Salesforce: An Introduction to NPSP at 5pm (PST). Dodi Friedenberg and Steve Payne, both Salesforce Admins, will talk about best practices and insights when using Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. This meeting will answer the questions you or your clients are most likely to ask when signing up for NPSP.

Thursday, July 23rd

On Tuesday we had an event that focused on K-12 education institutions and on this day we have one for those in the university setting. Starting at 9am (PST), Michael Crow, the President of Arizona State University, will be the guest speaker for the Innovation Leadership Forum. He will be discussing the threats and opportunities universities will be experiencing come fall. Additionally, he will be talking about how leaders in the education ecosystem can step up to the plate to help the institutions adapt quickly to the changes and how to provide these resources. He will be joined by Jeff Selingo, an advisor to ASU and higher education strategies and Salesforce own Allyson Fryhoff, the Chief Strategic Engagement Officer.

Back to the nonprofit world again! Are you struggling to get funding from donors and maintaining those relationships? In Segmentation, Cultivation and Stewardship of Donors and Volunteers starting at 9am (PST) plans to help you with just that. They are going to educate you on how to utilize Quip and Einstein Analytics to help leverage fundraising, and how to use Nonprofit Cloud and NPSP for implementing management strategies, track communication with clients and create events. Employees from buildOn and Atlanta Mission, both nonprofit organizations, will lead this discussion, allowing you to hear their experiences with these tools and apps.

Have you heard of the new Salesforce Anywhere App? If not, then you need to join this webinar. If you have, but have questions about it, then you need to join this webinar. Starting at 11am (PST) Introducing Salesforce Anywhere is going to talk to you about the basics of this app and how you can use it anywhere! Whether you use Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Quip, this app will allow you to chat, get alerts and continue to work while on the go!


If you missed any of the TrailheaDX or Summer ‘20 Release Review meetings, luckily for you, more community groups are still hosting them this week! Make sure to log into your Trailhead and check out if your local community group is hosting one.

Additionally, Salesforce is hosting a variety of Circle of Success events this week! Circle of Success is a series, so there are multiple topics, with different days and times. Check out the Customer Success Calendar to find out one that works for your schedule.


Last week we only attended community events! We learned about the different ways LWC communicates in *Let’s get LWC Talking. *There was a meeting on how to get your Platform 1 Developers Certification in *Zero to PD1: Part 1 — Motivation & Mindset (Panel Discussion). *Did you win the certification voucher? Additionally, employees from Sercante joined the Irvine B2B Marketing Group Pardot + Drift (chatbot) Integration to talk about just those things.

Finally, a bunch of groups hosted a TrailheaDX Global Virtual Gatherings on the 16th and Salesforce hosted a bunch of Summer ‘20 Release reviews. Did you attend any of these events? Tweet us @mkpartners and let us know your thoughts!

Also, make sure to tweet us if you think there are any other events worth mentioning and what event you are most excited about this upcoming week. And, as always, we will see you in the cloud.

Caylin Schmenk
Caylin Schmenk
Events @ MK Partners.

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