Salesforce Summer 19 Release Highlights Free Surveys

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Let’s continue our run through the coolest updates, upgrades, and features coming with the Summer ’19 Release with a look at some new license-free functionality — Salesforce Surveys!

Keeping your finger on the pulse (and having the data to prove it) is more important than ever. Whether you’re talking sales, customer experience, account services, project management, etc… knowing what’s working, what isn’t, and identifying the most-common painpoints is the key to constant improvement, and that’s what organizations need to stay ahead of the curve and the competition. And now, capturing that feedback is getting even easier!

With the Summer ’19 Release, you’ll no longer need to stress about licenses to create and send surveys! Salesforce is opening up the functionality for four user profiles: Standard User, System Administrator, Contract Manager, and Marketing User. Now, if you’ve got the right permissions, you’ll be able to create and send surveys absolutely free! Each org will get 300 free survey responses as well so, while you won’t be able to spin-up a perpetual survey process, you will be able to get your feet wet, refine your execution, and become a survey-slinging-pro before you have to drop any cash. Tying the trial limit to responses is a super-helpful move by Salesforce too, after all, not every survey you send out will get a response — and this way you’re only “on the hook” for the ones that make it back to you!

Getting those responses is getting easier in Summer ’19 too — thanks to the rollout of customized email invitations! You’ll be able to target leads, contacts, and org-users with custom emails containing a link to a survey question or a link to launch your survey in another tab/window.

We’re also getting the ability to generate survey invites for leads, more freedom for both sides with an increased character limit for questions and answers, and, last but not least, mobile improvements so that the people you’re polling can answer easily — even when they’re on the road!

All together, the improvements are set to superpower the effectiveness of Salesforce Surveys and give us all the chance to test, tweak, and develop our own survey strategies before any talk of licenses takes place!

So how will you use your newfound polling powers? Whether you opt to roll out an NPS-program for existing clients, a pre-qualification screening for warm leads, an internal “state of the union” survey, or something completely different — it’ll all be a lot easier come Summer!

If you’d like some help getting your surveys up and running effectively, give us a call! We’re happy to chat release notes, walk you through the sticking points, or even help you design and automate as much of the process as you’d like!

The Summer ‘19 Release is only a few more more weeks away, so stay tuned here on the blog for more release highlights as we countdown to the rollout. In the meantime, keep working hard, smart, and happy — we’ll see you in the cloud!

Chris Stegall
Digital Marketing Coordinator @ MK Partners.

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